Window Treatments 101

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Window Treatments 101


Finding window treatments to cover your sliding glass door can be difficult. The options out there are not well known. The first important thing to note is the statement that you are trying to make. A sliding glass door is a large area to cover, so your choice of window covering should match the style of your home. You also need to decide what is most important to you. Do you want something that opens all the way to let more light in or do you want something very stylish? See the options below to help you make this decision.

Vertical Blinds

This is the most popular choice because they are inexpensive and they offer the most functionality. They can be pushed all to one side during the day so heavy foot traffic is not cumbersome and they do not block any of the natural light. Price comparision 78 x 84 = $93.00

Vertical Honeycomb shade

This is the new option of choice for many out there. This type of window covering is popular because it can offer full privacy when closed and full light when open. It is also popular if you have heavy foot traffic because it can be pushed all the way to one side with a small 6” stack. It also comes in a variety of color choices to add to the style of your home. It gives a softer, cleaner look and it is more durable than PVC verticals. The drawback to this type of shade is that it is more difficult to clean but can be done with mild detergent and a cloth. Price comparison 78 x 84 = $511.54

Roller shades

This option is becoming more popular in today’s modern society. It offers a sleek design and a modern look. Our roller shades come in 180 different fabric choices ranging from light to dark and textured to smooth. They are also versatile in light control ranging from 0% (blackout) to 12% (blocking 88% of the suns UV rays). With this choice, you can decide how much light natural light you want to have during the day even when they are closed. They can also be pulled up and open completely to let all the natural light in. Price comparison 78 x 84 = $147.50

Sliding Panel tracks

These panel tracks have 3 – 4 panels that slide to one side. This allows ease of functionality while still offering a great option to add some style to your window. There are many choices available including woven woods and fabrics that can be used to cover the window. Price comparison 78 x 84 = $551.04